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Digital process automation 

Digital process automation (DPA) is a means of automation that utilizes software to carry out processes and automated tasks to fulfill and optimize a workflow. Digital process automation generally focuses on automating the processes that are involved in some business practices that generally require some sort of human interaction. The use of DPA can be made in business workflows for instance management, sales, marketing, and production. Some major principles of the DPA include

  • Ensuring transparency in the whole process
  • Automation of customer tasks
  • Activating notifications and reminders
  • Maintaining a collaborative atmosphere

When do we require Digital process automation? 

With this thing, the companies and businesses can become more responsive and customer-focused. With DPA their operating model or idea becomes more digitized so it is possible to take more risk with innovations in products. No doubt that we all live in a digital world and here the culture of rapid experimentation is critical for all businesses. So the kind of automation that cuts across organizations and people helps to enable that approach. For example, if you launch a new product or service and the digital process automation metrics reveal that the product is popular among customers, then the product can be rapidly scaled to boost the revenue of your company. In case if the product is not successful then it can be killed quickly without facing losses.


Benefits of Digital process automation

Boost your performance 

It will enhance employee effectiveness and this will lead to a high amount of financial savings for the company. If we automate some repetitive tasks then it saves our time. In addition to this DPA provides the employees with correct information that helps them to perform duty quicker automation also increases the productivity

Improves the customer satisfaction

Digital process automation can have an amazing and wonderful effect on the customer experience when you deliver the data or information in a short period that leads to increased customer satisfaction. It enables you to interact with customers without needing any human workforce

Make your internal operations efficient

The digital process automation guides you to follow a step-by-step procedure and so you can eliminate the errors and would not miss the steps. It organizes the process which allows you to work smoothly. In addition to this, the process allows the employees to focus more on valuable tasks and so they develop a sense of satisfaction with their work

Business process automation (BPA)

BPA is the utilization of technology to accomplish recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. This can help to reduce the cost, enhance efficiency and streamline the processes. BPA shall not be confused with business process management, the latter one is a comparatively larger discipline that involves managing complex processes by using various methods

Why should one automate the business processes? 

Digital transformation can be a big goal to businesses that aren’t on this path, so business process automation can be the first step towards adopting the continuous transformation, automation requires some specific amount of clarity regarding the processes at the designing stage. If you are unaware of the tasks involved and the people responsible for carrying out the process then you cannot design and automate the workflow effectively. The insights that you obtain from an automated process can show you the gap between where you stand now and how ideal your process should be. Automation allows you to focus on valuable tasks. The major thing that differentiates the industries is customer satisfaction. If you focus on processes you will be able to fulfill the customer expectations. When you meet the promised standards you gain the customer’s trust. Some commonly automated processes in organizations are: 

  • Help desk support
  • Backup and restoration
  • Call center processes
  • Sales orders
  • Product launches
  • Email notifications
  • Data migration
  • Making customer case studies

Workflow automation

This defines a series of tasks to complete the process and then removes all the manual steps. 
How is workflow automation helpful? No matter if it’s about, IT, finance, or marketing department, workflow automation can give you an escape from the burden of manual processes. Statistics prove that many industries are gaining benefits from this process of workflow automation. Now if you are thinking that what you should look for in workflow automation software then here’s the answer to your question. 

There are many options in the workflow automation software in the market, some software is used in organizations while others serve niche needs. No matter where you use it, but your software should be fast and shall fulfill the requirements. The software should make things simple for you and it should be easy to use. The cloud-based workflow automation software are generally very easy to maintain and operate than other on-premise versions. They give you easy accessibility and reliable security. We cannot improve our performance if we don’t review it, so that is why the best workflow automation software offers you in-built reporting for the examination of lags, making improvements, and accessing tasks. A good automation software must be able to work from any location and shall be easy to run on mobile phones. The software installation or utilization should not be expensive. 

How should you automate processes? 

For carrying out a workflow automation plan first of all identify a repetitive process and make sure that is automation required there or not. Define your goals, such as increased return on investment, or increase team productivity. The third thing is to train your team. If you want the workflow automation process to be successful then that is entirely dependent upon the willingness of its stakeholder. Communicate with your team about the benefits of the process and then get their feedback. The next step is to build the process in a workflow management tool. The purpose or goal of automation is not fulfilled until you compare the difference your business has made to the preexisting processes and this can be measured through data analysis and reports

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