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At Zaibr Innovation we provide Service to elevate your production to Industrie 4.0
Zaibr Innovations - Welcome to the future

Your one-stop
innovation company

From integrating machine learning into your projects, to using AI to make sure you run an optimum business – we do it all!

  • We will provide for you the most innovative workflows
  • We are experienced in helping small to big companies
  • We know the true needs and expectations of our customers
  • The best is for us the standart

Hermann Del Campo

CEO & Founder
years of

Digital solutions that will
elevate you company

Reach your goals faster than any of your competitors
Zaibr Innovation – Side Services

It's all about

Elevate your company to an innovative and automated business.


By using our innovative solutions we convert your analog systems to digital automated workflows.

Computer Vision

These days, computers help us do countless things. They can help us see farther and more clearly, whether it's physical perception (e.g. counting faces in a crowd) or more abstract – like seeing which workplace strategy offers the greatest yields.

Voice Applications

Maybe machines can't yet 100% reproduce natural language, but they're getting close! The ability of AI to parse human speech has drastically improved over the last decade. These days, AI can do almost anything voice-related!

Machine Learning

When children learn, they try out various things and gauge the results. Computers can learn in the same way, and build a better framework for understanding anything – including how your business operates!


Gone are the days of going out shopping: wandering, lost, down long store aisles looking for every last thing on four, hand-scrawled shopping lists. Computers are here to take the effort out of acquiring the items you need. Whatever your e-commerce needs, our computers have them covered.

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Integrated Systems
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Zaibr Innovations - digital transformation at its best

Why choose the solutions of Zaibr innovations?

No matter where you are in your situation, no matter what you need to do in your innovations - we are here to help you and offer the best and budget oriented solution for your usecase.

Ready-up solutions

WIth our ready-up solutions we improve the efficiency in your business with warp speed.

Reduced cost by state fundings

As partner for the go digital initiative of germany, we can create outstanding solutions with up to 50% funded pricings.

Fullservice solutions

With our hands-on mentaility we offer a 360° solution for your business.

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We help customers digital transformation by our innovative solutions.